Graphic Arts


Web Sites: Web page design is far more complicated than it appears. It requires a graphic artist for design and a programmer to code and make sure that the the graphics artist has taken into account how the web page will appear on different screen sizes, fonts, and web viewers.

Radical Photography has the artistic and programming resources to handle even the most complicated web page design. The navigation buttons and background on this web page were created by taking pictures of the actual switches and dashboard on an airplane.

Turbine Web Page 1


Advertisements: Full color or black and white. Let us help you design your advertisement and coordinate the format and resolution with the company printing your advertisement.

Digital Logo Design:
Custom digital logo’s using pictures, digital painting, or both

Logo             Hatchet Logo


Newsletters: Distribute your newsletters through traditional methods, or digitally through the Internet.


Digital Photo Editing:
Retouch old photos, erase unwanted objects, add or move objects, add text, and much more. The only limit appears to be the imagination. The blank area in the following picture was painted by hand.  


Digital Painting:
Our photographers are also artists in other mediums. This digital painting was created for use as a tattoo. Even at this reduced size, if you look closely, you will notice that the brush strokes are fairly large and very few colors were used, making it easy for a tattoo artist to reproduce. However, the end result is still almost photographic in appearance. Digital painting is also an important skill for advanced photo editing and graphics arts projects.    


Custom CD Labels: Professional looking CD labels and jewel case covers for e-Cards or other types of digital mailings.


Menu’s: We can design and print menu covers. Menu pages change more often than the cover. As a result, we generally use a file format for the menu pages that our clients can change and print themselves.

MenuMini Pictures and Ecards

Mini Pictures/eCards:
We can design and print mini-pictures or create digital versions of the mini-picture for email distribution. Includes your company logo and title. Great for Christmas Cards andEvent Invitations

Granite Lake MiniPicture

Business Cards

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